We developed a special hotelpackage together with our partner Yogobe! A unique and new opportunity for hotels that wants to profile itself as healthy, trendy and conscious.


- Video content on Yogobe available in local languages and Yogobe has a sustained market presence with both physically and digitally visibility, which provides security to users.
- Exclusive partnerships with Sweden, Norway and Finland's best yoga teachers and
health promoters gives credibility and quality.
- An extensive and ever-growing library of yoga and meditation videos.
- Is the Nordic region's fastest growing forum and community within Yoga and Health.
Members receives guidance, inspiration and support in their training.


- An additional experience that adds value through quality and relevance.
- An activity that proves the client's health and well-being in an accessible way.
- A service that enhances value for the guest by offering services with prominent profiles 24/7.
- A service that can create new earning opportunities by including extra fees
at conferences or savings when it in an accessible manner, means that you do not need
buy a teachinghour from a consultant / teacher.


In summary, Yogobe is a digital service which creates opportunity for hotel guests to maintain daily health and yoga routines regardless of location and time.

2014 Trends Report Top Ten Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast

Healthy Hotels 2.0

In 2013, we explored how, after a century of experiences synonymous with unhealthy excess, more hotels were on a new health kick and branding and re-branding around wellness. But the most powerful trends like "Healthy Hotels" are more than passing news and have become megatrends that fulfill profound human needs. In 2014, look for hotels to move from healthy as a marketing differentiator to deeper, more multi-faceted programming that stretches well beyond the "free stretch band." The healthy hotel will ultimately become more inspired and comprehensive, moving from virtuous exception to part of the hospitality vernacular.

// 2014 Spa finder - Top Ten Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast