Spa consultant Linda Myrberg and her experienced and dedicated team offer different spa consulting services, based on years of experience and knowhow within the wellness, health and spa industry. Working with an external spa consultant can help you reach your highest potential for your spa as well as for your clients.

"Like people, every spa and project is unique. My mission is to lift my clients up the their highest potential, so they can reach their goals. Either it´s better outcome and profit, more knowledge or a healthier life..." Linda Myrberg


Why not learn from others mistakes and do it right from the start?

It is tempting to forego the cost of an external spa consultant when developing and building a new spa. But a spa consultant can be the best investment of the project. In order to get the best place planning, spa concepts and assurance of spa-specific design principles, the spa consultant can provide the operation/ design team with expertise and know-how and mostly forgotten - adequate guest flow and staff work plan considerations.

The best investments to get loyal guests and a satisfied staff is to provide functionality, education, service and compassion.

Linda Myrberg Spa Consulting works as an independent spa consultant. Yet working with an experienced team of different national as international wellness and health experts, as well as being a sales agent for selected brands to the industry, Linda Myrberg Spa Consulting provide professional impartial advice and is not a manufacturer of a product that you as a client is obliged to purchase.

The objective is to facilitate with a qualified spa consultance, which compliments the spa clients core values and brand identity, while aiming for the most appropriate solution for a spa that seeks individuality. This is based on a strong wish to create a unique concept for clients matching their core values and brand identity.

Linda Myrberg Spa Consulting helps you to get the best spa concepts, innovations and brands for your spa or wellness centre.


Well-come Spa north of copenhagen designed by Linda Myrberg

Well-come Spa North of Copenhagen, designed by Linda Myrberg, photo credit Hans Zeuten