Spa consultant Linda Myrberg can together with her dedicated team provide you with a full concept development from spa consultancy, spa treatments and spa menus, training of your staff, till marketing & communication strategies to quality assurance on staff, budgets and return on investment.

Well-come spa north of Copenhagen interior designed by Linda Myrberg


Choosing the right Spa consultant in the beginning of the project can save money on costly mistakes in facility flow, engineering and equipment as well as add something extra to the competitive edge of the spa program.

  • Developing spa concepts
  • Spa design and interior decoration
  • Space planning and circulation
  • Review and critique of floor Plans
  • Equipment and product supplying
  • Key strategies
Developing spa treatments and training for spa staff


With the support from a Spa consultant the right spa treatments as well as training can be developed, which are essential in order to create a full concept in line with your brand identity. Your clients will have the pleasure to get treatment/s developed for your spa, and your staff will learn how to both create as well as work with the specific treatment/s.

  • Spa treatment developing and training
  • Developing spa signatur body treatment
  • Full spa education manuals
  • Spa staff training
  • Expert in holistic treatments
Spa consultant Linda Myrberg

Marketing & Communication strategy

Developing and implementing the right marketing and communication strategy is important to ensure it is in line with the overall brand identity and spa treatment offers. As a Spa consultant Linda Myrberg can support you in this matter.

  • Brochures and homepages
  • Marketing - promotional material, targeting new potential clients, trade shows
  • Social media
  • TV, radio and press
Spa staff training


Quality assurance is a continious process to ensure your budgets and return of investment (ROI) will be reached. Spa consultant Linda Myrberg can help you making sure your quality assurance and ROI will be full filled and reached.

  • Spa staff training, S.O.P´s
  • Costumer service and selling strategies
  • Mystery shopper, organisation, reports and follow up
  • Key profit area
  • Sales procedures
  • Proactivity – value added treatments