Saunachill by Linda Myrberg

Saunachill is a holistic spa concept based on ancient cleansing and bathing traditions from around the world. Offering Saunachill in your spa to your clients, you will give them the opportunity to gain:

·       Scientific and effective results

·       Renewed energy

·       A stronger immune system

·       Tighter skin

·       Detox

·       Mental relaxation

A Saunachill and all the benefits can be achieved in just 60 minutes!

“The future wellness” - A highly profitable spa concept, made as a group event and requires a sauna and steambath. Saunachills team provides expertise in physiology and holistic treatments as well as financial understanding and business strategy that support spa financial management, sales, marketing & communication of a Saunachill concept. ROI within 2 months! 

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The 4 principles of a Saunachill - duration 60 minutes

sauna aromatherapy


By using towel techniques and sauna aromatherapy, your clients will gain scientific results and an effective detox. 

detox shots


The pauses during the saunachill offers healthy snacks, fruit and detox shots.

steambath with Bodyscrubs and facemasks


The steambath will give bodily beauty and skincare. Bodyscrubs and facemasks are being used.

mental balance through breathing techniques

mental balance

Mental balance will be acheived through breathing techniques, stretching, acupressure and energy therapy.