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2014-04-16 14:13:11
Evy Palm: ”Starta sent och krångla inte till det””Det är aldrig för sent att börja träna utan snarare en fördel att börja springa sent i ålder”, säger löparlegenden Evy Palm, som idag, vid 72 års ålder fortfarande springer 3 – 4 mil i veckan. Jag är tillsammans med Evy i Portugal och här får ni Evys hemlighet och löpartips. Evy Palm, som är […]

Saunachill at The Thief spa

Our spa koncept Saunachill launches at Norways most luxury spa, The Thief spa  the 14 of March!

The Thief Spa

Spa consultant Linda Myrberg and her experienced and dedicated team offer different spa consulting services, based on years of experience and knowhow within the wellness, health and spa industry. Working with an external spa consultant can help you reach your highest potential for your spa as well as for your clients.

"Like people, every spa and project is unique. My mission is to lift my clients up the their highest potential, so they can reach their goals. Either it´s better outcome and profit, more knowledge or a healthier life..." Linda Myrberg

Well-come spa lounge designed by Linda Myrberg


Design, concept, pre-opening & operation

Nordic spa product range developed by Linda Myrberg


Private labeling, developing & branding

Saunachill spa concept where woman rises off with cold water


The future wellness, full concept, education & training

Carlsberg beer signature treatment on man


Special design signature treatments, full protocolls & training

Energize your life for life with linda myrberg


Energize your life for life, breathing workshops, yoga, anti-age food

goji berries in a palm of a hand


The most innovative spa brands on the market

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