Unique Workshop or Private session with the worldknown “Breathing master” Dominique Lonchant

Dominique Lonchant, otherwise reputably known as the ‘Breathing Master’ is the man behind the success of a lot of entertainment personalities.   Having acquired and mastered the Pranayama Yoga technique (the extension and control of the breath) in Pondicherry, South India almost three decades ago, Dominique has since been traveling around the World and has taught breathing techniques in five continents; India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

A French native now based in Kuala Lumpur is currently working with artists in preparation for their plays, shows or musicals. Some of the World-class celebrities Dominique has taught are namely Hugh Grant, Elisabeth Hurley, Alain Delon, Karen Mulder, John Lone, Leslie Chung, Ursula Andress, Regine, Robert Redford, Jim Carrey, among others. 

Dominique’s distinctive and efficient style of teaching focuses mainly on the breathing techniques since he feels it is an important aspect that is being overlooked in most Yoga classes. He firmly believes in the immense power and real benefits proper breathing has on any individual of any profession.   

“Any form of Yoga begins with the breath. And it is when we understand and master the Art of Breathing that we can achieve whatever we’ve decided to achieve. I am teaching since more than 28 years and very early I discovered the benefits of good breathing. Recently I discovered that artists and athletes (singers, musicians, actors and anyone practicing sport intensively or not) by mastering these techniques, were able to obtain very good results in their own art: tremendous effects on the voice, better practice on wind instruments, and better performance on running, diving etc,”  explains the Breathing Master.

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